Should bullies be kicked out of school?


Should bullies be kicked out of school?

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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This is an interesting topic. If you want to find information in books and scholarly journal articles you should go to the library catalog at  The search bar in the middle of the page will give you access to the library catalog.  I would use search terms such as bullying to get at the idea of the nature of bullying or if you wish you could get more specific by searching bullying AND school policy.  Don't forget to include the word AND to connect your search terms.  

If you would like to see scholarly journal articles on your topic click on the box labeled Article under Format to the left-side toolbar of the results screen.  Set the date limiter to articles published in the last 5 years, and choose Full Text and Peer Reviewed, also in the left-side toolbar. Click on the View Full Text button to be taken into the article.

You'll see articles such as Wolke, D., & Lereya, S. (2015). Long-term effects of bullying. Archive of Disease in Childhood 100(9), 879-879. doi:10.1136/archdischild-2014-306667.

After reading the evidence it will be up to you to use your critical thinking skills to decide if bullying should result in expulsion from school.

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