Can you help me locate information on Apple Incorporation Pricing Strategy


I have a group project where we have to complete a 6 pages paper on Apple's marketing mix. A marketing mix consists of four elements (product, price, placement, and promotions). I am responsible for finding information on Apple's pricing, but I am having a very hard time. The section should cover the information listed below.

Concepts covered may include:
Competition-based pricing, demand-based pricing, new product pricing, and/or product-line pricing.
Be sure to look at pricing objectives and strategies.
Is the brand’s pricing is in line with the competition or not?
Discuss the ramifications of using a higher or lower price—versus the competition--for your brand.

Answered By: Micki Waldrop
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Thank you for your request. 

I am unable to find information about Apple's particular pricing strategy in our subscribed databases. However, they are know to use price skimming - also called asymmetrical pricing structure. 

Using the terms price skimming AND apple I was led to 1 articles that might be useful to you: 

Unfortunately we do not have ready access to this article, but you can request it through interlibrary loan.

Good luck with your research. 

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