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I am trying to retrieve an article from SAGE, but it is saying that I don't have access to view the full article without signing into a SAGE account or buying it. I was wondering if you could help? It is for my thesis topic. 
The article title is "Can occupational therapists be hand therapists?" 
Authors: Niall Fitzpatrick and Scott Presnell 
I have attached a screen shot to show the message that I keep getting. 
Thank you for your help. 

Answered By: Micki Waldrop
Last Updated: Feb 05, 2018     Views: 9

I was able to access the article using the "find articles" tab at

Use quotation marks around the title to search, like formatted in your question. Select the view full text and you will be prompted to log into the library system (if you aren't already) - doing so will give you access to the full article at SAGE.

I hope this is helpful.


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