How does adoption effect a child socially?


I am writing a report on adoption and more specifically how it effects a child socially. How it affects them interacting with parents, birth parents, siblings, classmates, or significant others.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Thanks for the details. They are helpful!

I would start with the Psychology research guide. Click on Articles, and scroll down to PsycARTICLES, for starters. Search "interpersonal relations" AND adoption. The quotation marks create a phrase search, which focuses the results. The AND broadens the search to get a meaning number of relevant results. I limited the results to the last 10 years, but check your assignment for the date range. Using this strategy, I found a few articles such as Rueter, M. A., Keyes, M. A., Iacono, W. G., & McGue, M. (2009). Family interactions in adoptive compared to nonadoptive families. Journal of Family Psychology, 23(1), 58-66. doi:10.1037/a0014091 . Several of the articles were about transracial adoptions, an interesting aspect of your topic.

After reviewing those results I went back to the research guide and clicked to the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. Using the same search terms, I found additional articles such as Grotevant, H. D., & McDermott, J. M. (2014). Adoption: Biological and social processes linked to adaptation. Annual Review Of Psychology, 65(1), 235-265. doi:10.1146/annurev-psych-010213-115020 .

If these aren't enough, the other databases listed on the research guide will provide some results also.

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