are there any books or articles on positive/ negative thinking


having a positive attitude and the affect it has on your life versus an negative attitude.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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There are!

Link to the All Purpose research guide for this search. In the Brenau Discovery Search box, search first using positive thinking. Use the left side toolbar to limit the results to recent information, say the last 5-10 years. Among the results is a book called Positive psychology: theory, research and applications. There are several others, as well. If you need articles, use the left side toolbar to limit to full text, and to articles or peer reviewed articles, depending on your assignment. Using this strategy, you'll see results such as this article: Self-deception's adaptive value: Effects of positive thinking and the winner effect.

You can use the same searching strategies, but change the search term to negative thinking. You'll find articles such as
Negative thinking versus positive thinking in a Singaporean student sample: Relationships with psychological well-being and psychological maladjustment.

Thanks for asking a librarian.

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