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I am trying to find articles on Reference Based Pricing (RBP) but specifically on how it is rising in the US. What are keywords that I could use to target my search?




Answered By: Linda Kern
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For this search, link to the Business Guide, then scroll down until you see ABI/Inform Complete. It's an excellent source for your purpose. Search "reference pricing" AND trend. Be sure to keep the quotation marks, which eliminate clutter, and include the AND, to provide a relevant set of results. Generally search terms like rising or declining aren't helpful unless you're sure that it's happening across the board. That's why I used trend. This search will return 49 results. You can use the left side toolbar to limit by date and by reports, trade, and scholarly journals. Searching "reference pricing" will return 400+ results from the last 5 years. You can also add a specific industry to the search, for example "reference pricing" AND health care.

If you don't find enough articles here, go back to the Guide and scroll down until you see Business Source Complete. This collection of articles will yield a few hundred results using the same searches.

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