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I was wondering if you could help guide me in finding data that I need for Chapter 1.  I am looking for data on reading comprehension scores—specifically how students are below grade level expectations in reading.


The purpose of my study is to determine if reading comprehension improves when students participate in guided reading groups.


As I am introducing my topic in Chapter 1, I am looking for some data to help introduce the need in improving reading comprehension.


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Answered By: Linda Kern
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Setting the hook by explaining the need is a great way to begin. Take a look at this nation-wide reading assessment. In addition to national information, results are parses by state. The page has several useful links. The link to the 2012  Long-term Trend Assessment is broken, but I've provided the correct link. This is a different assessment, so you can report both. 

I thought it might also be useful to justify the need for reading comprehension. You would think this would be easy to find, but I only discovered one good article.

  • De Anda, R.,M., & Hernandez, P. M. (2007). Literacy skills and earnings: Race and gender differences. Review of Black Political Economy, 34(3-4), 231-243.

If you need more of either, let me know and I'll pull together a strategy you can follow.

Thanks for asking!


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