how has autocorrect and technology affected the writing skills of children today?


how has autocorrect and technology affected the writing skills of children today?

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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We think that you will likely find that most of the scholarly research on technology and writing skills in children will focus on how technology can be used to assist children in gaining literacy competencies but possibly you will find some information on the negatives of incorporating technology into education. 

For this topic I would suggest going to the library catalog at  Type the search terms (you may decide to change these later and you will get different results) Technology AND Children AND Writing Skills being sure to include the word AND in the search string to connect your keywords.  You will find that the books that the library has on this topic will be first in the results list. 

If there is an ebook that you are interested in reading just click on the Access Online button.  You will be asked to enter your six digit student ID number and the first part of your Brenau email address.  Once you are in the book you can navigate by using the table of contents or by using the arrows to move forward and backward through the book. 

After you have finished looking through the books look at the left side of the results page and you will see a place where you can click on a box under Format to limit your search to research articles on your topic.  Click on this box to find articles.  The articles that have an Access Online button are the ones that the library has access to.  Click on the access online button to be directed to the article.

You may want to play around with your search terms.  I would suggest using strings such as Writing Skills AND Technology AND Negatives or you may want to focus on a particular type of technology that you think may impact writing skills such as texting.  If so, I would try Texting AND Writing Skills AND Children. 

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