BOOKS on traditional versus nontraditional students


HI!! I am doing a paper on Traditional versus Nontraditional students. I need 2 BOOKS (ebooks are accepted) as references. Can you assist me??

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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This is an interesting topic.  We are wondering though if you have to have two books or can you have two scholarly journal articles instead?  The reason we ask is because we have a lot more information about your topic in articles than we have in books.  If it must be books though, go to the library catalog at and type in "traditional students" being sure to include the quotation marks.  You will find that we have some good results.  For example, you may choose Widening participation in post-compulsory education.  Even though the terms traditional and nontraditional students do not appear in the title of this book there are chapters in this book that are relevant to the topic. 

You may also try the search terms non-traditional students.  Using these search terms I found College students in the United States : characteristics, experiences, and outcomes.  There is a good bit of information about adult students in this book starting on page 14.

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