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Hello, I am a new user to Brenau Library online, today my search took me from "How to Read a Poem" tab, to Sage Journals. I clicked on a link but it said to "click here for access" when I clicked that it asked to sign into Athens with password and user name  or enter Organisation?  Is this legit? It's spelled wrong, I logged out because it didn't seem right.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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It's hard to figure out exactly what happened without knowing what poem you were researching. The short answer is probably this - you came across an article that we don't have full text access to. That's why Sage gave you the option to log in another way, through Athens or Shibbolith, which doesn't apply to Brenau users because we make logging in simple.

The spelling of "organisation" is because Sage is a British company, and that's how they spell it across the pond. No worries about whether or not it's legit, because it is, but you still don't have what you wanted.

Here's what I think happened. You probably linked to Sage through this link on How to Read a Poem:

You probably clicked on a search result like the ones I highlighted:

If the padlock to the left of the article title is green and unlocked, you can access the full text. If it is gray, and locked, we don't have access to the full text, and you are referred by Sage to Athens or Shibboleth (which isn't helpful).

But the most important question is this: Did you find the information you needed to do your assignment? If not, please reply with what you need, and we'll be glad to help.

Thanks for Asking a Librarian for clarification!

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