I’m writing a paper with a friend on Millennials and the workforce, and I am having a hard time pinning down in papers that I would consider reputable. Can y’all help me find some? Specifically I’m looking for scientific articles related to how we define the millennial generation, and any data on how they are as employees. Thanks!

Answered By: Linda Kern
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There's a ton of research on Millennials in the workforce in you know where to look. My first choice would be our outstanding business database, ABI/Inform Complete. Search millennials AND employee or try millennials AND human resource management. Limit your search to scholarly journals or peer reviewed journals and by date. You'll see results such as Kultalahti, S., & Liisa Viitala, R. (2014). Sufficient challenges and a weekend ahead - Generation Y describing motivation at work. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 27(4), 569-582. doi:10.1108/JOCM-05-2014-0101 and Ferri-Reed, J. (2016). Know your XYZs: Understanding and harnessing multigenerational talent. Quality Progress, 49(3), 18-23. Retrieved from . The latter may be an excellent article; the source looks like a trade publication, but it's actually peer reviewed.

If you don't find what you want in ABI/Inform, try Academic Search Complete and search millennials AND workforce or perhaps millennials AND work habits.

Regarding your question about defining millennials, the term was originally coined by Strauss and Howe in Strauss, W., & Howe, N. (1991). Generations : The history of America's future, 1584 to 2069 (1st ed.). New York: Morrow. We have this scholarly book in the library. How did I know? I asked Google who coined the term, and a Forbes article led me to Strauss and Howe. From there I went to the library catalog.

For high-quality survey data, see the Pew Research Center at

Thanks for asking a librarian!

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