how do I find specific financial health information for the Boys & Girls Club of America


information such as sales growth rate, earnings growth rate, return of assets, profit margin

Answered By: Linda Kern
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016     Views: 10


Boys & Girls Club of America is a non-profit, and non-profit accounting is different. You will find revenues, but they are generated by grants, donations, and donations in kind. You will find expenses. However, there generally are no sales, earnings (except for earnings on investments), ROA, or profit margins. Instead, non-profits are evaluated by ratios such as fundraising expense/total expense, program service expense/total expense, liabilities/assets, grants and contributions/total revenue, liquidity, payables aging, and savings (revenue-expenses/expenses). 

Unfortunately, this isn't information we have access to. You would have to calculate these ratios based on the financial statements you have access to.

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