How would I go about finding information on how delta airline deals with conflict


Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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The Business LibGuide is where I would begin. Click on Articles, and start with ABI/Inform Complete. It will ask for your 6 digit student ID number and the beginning of your email address, for example sjones.

I am not sure what type of conflict you are interested in so I searched "Delta Air Lines" AND problems. You may also want to search something such as "Delta Air Lines" AND employees AND conflict depending on what your research interest is.  The quotation marks need the company name together, in that order, to make your results more relevant. The AND searches for both terms, "Delta Air Lines" and problems or whatever other term you may wish, anywhere in the article.

You could use the same strategy to search "Delta Air Lines" AND management.

Limit by date to either the last 5 or the last 10 years, depending on your assignment instructions. The limiter is in the left side toolbar of the results. I limited to the last 5 years. Using the same toolbar, limit the results to newspapers, trade publications and scholarly journals. Newspapers will include the Wall Street Journal.

Then go back to the LibGuide and click on Business Source Complete. Run the same searches there. You can also try "Delta Air Lines" AND  "organizational behavior". Business Source Complete only has a few articles on the latter search, but one is Keeping the Commitment Model in the Air during Turbulent Times: Employee Involvement at Delta Air Lines.

Each database is a unique collection of articles. Between the two databases you will retrieve articles such as The Middle Seat: Delta Sends Its 11,000 Agents to Charm School and Dark Clouds Loom for Airlines Even as Their Profits Take Off.

Also search "Delta Air Lines" AND "department of justice" in the databases. There are ongoing allegations of collusion among the major air lines.

Finally, go back to the LibGuide and choose MarketLine Advantage. Search Delta Air Lines and change the dropdown from All Research to Companies. This very recent report that comes up will include a SWOT analysis, also providing good information.

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