I need help researching the different personalities


coleric, sanquine, phlagmatic

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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I believe that you are researching the four temperaments, choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic.  If I am incorrect about this then please feel free to write back with more information and we will help with a new search stream.

I would begin my research in the psychology libguide at  Choose the articles tab.  There are three databases that you should search on this page, Academic Search Complete, ScienceDirect, and Psychology and Behavioral Sciences.  To get into each of these databases, just click on the title.  You will be asked for your six digit student ID number and the first part of your Brenau email address.

I recommend doing three differenct searches.  Try typing these searches exactly as I have:

Choleric Sanguine Phlegmatic Melancholic

"Four Temperaments"

and if you know the name of the theorist, you could try adding the search terms to either of these two searches by typing AND and the name of the theorist.  If your theorist is Galen, your search would look like this:

Galen AND Four Termperaments

You may also want to do a search just using your theorist's name.

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