What is Tuberous Sclerosis, are there any books you would suggest to learn more?


Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
Last Updated: Feb 05, 2017     Views: 4


You can find a great definition for Tuberous Sclerosis in Credo Reference.  You can get to Credo Reference by going to databases a-z in the libguides at, clicking on C, and then clicking into Credo Reference.  You will be asked to enter your six digit student ID number and the first part of your Brenau email address.  Then just type Tuberous Sclerosis into the search bar.  

There is one ebook on this topic that you will find if you go to the library catalog at  Type Tuberous Sclerosis in the search bar and the e-book should be your first result.  Click on the view now button to go into the ebook.  You will see that you there is a nice clickable table of contents and there are arrows to go backwards and forwards in the book.

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