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Scholarly authors usually research specific questions rather than general pros and cons. For example, you can find articles on effective communication in project management, effective communication for auditors, for hotel workers, in the corporate sector, with people who have dementia... you get the idea.

Here are my thoughts. Link to ABI/Inform Complete, and sign in with your 6 digit student ID and user name, which is the first part of your Brenau email address. Don't use the whole address; it won't work. Search effective communication. Just below the search box you can click to limit to full text and scholarly journals. When the results load, use the left toolbar to limit to the last 10 years. Scan the results. One article is particularly promising - Weiner, R. (2008). The seven rules of effective communication. Public Relations Quarterly, 52(2), 9-11. Also scan the results to look for articles about specific topics that might have guidelines or information that you could adapt for your paper, for example, Effective Communication with Patients.

You can also add a second term to the search, for example effective communication AND workplace. The AND is important to the search; be sure to include it. The second term can be anything that you want to know about, such as classroom, teaching, business, etc. Before looking at the results, check the left side toolbar to be sure the full text, scholarly, and date limiters are still in effect. If not, use the toolbar to add them.

These articles will discuss why effective communication is important in the particular setting, and then you can use your critical thinking skills to determine the pros and cons.

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