We have an article that was published in 1996, but was published online in 2007. We are confused how we need to cite it.


Hill, M., Laybourn, A., & Borland, M. (2007). Engaging with Primary-aged Children about their Emotions and Well-being: Methodological Considerations. Children & Society, 10(2), 129–144.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Volume 10, issue 2 of Children & Society will always be from 1996, regardless of when it was digitized. It's very common for publishers to retrospectively digitize older journal issues to make them available online. Apparently this issue was digitized in 2007, but that won't change the publication date.

The citation would be

Hill, M., Laybourn, A., & Borland, M. (1996). Engaging with primary-aged children about their emotions and well-being: Methodological considerations. Children & Society, 10(2), 129–144.

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