Hello Mrs. Linda Kern, I spoke with my professor and he suggested that I change my company. The company I have chosen is Johnson & J


Hello Mrs. Linda Kern,

I spoke with my professor and he suggested that I change my company. The company I have chosen is Johnson & Johnson. Could you please help me with this company's industry.


Answered By: Linda Kern
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Much more information is available on Johnson & Johnson than on your original choice.

To build the portfolio of information you will need, I would first Google the company and visit its web site, specifically reading the Our Company link and the Investors link.

Next I would shift to the Business Administration LibGuide, click on the Articles tab, and click on MarketLine Advantage for both company and industry intelligence. Search Johnson & Johnson. On the results page, in the Companies section, Johnson & Johnson will probably be the second company listed. Clicking Johnson & Johnson will take you to a 37 page company profile which includes a description of the business, financial analysis, SWOT analysis, and other useful information.

For the industry information, start a new search in MarketLine Advantage. Search Johnson & Johnson again, but this time, change the drop-down at the end of the search box from All Research to Industries to limit the results. On the results page, further refine your search using the right side toolbar to limit by industry to Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. J&J is a global company, so from the results you could choose Global - Health Care Equipment and Supplies or you could choose United states Health Care Equipment and Supplies. There's also the pharmaceuticals side of this conglomerate. You'll find reports in the results for Global - Pharmaceuticals and United states Pharmaceuticals. I would base my choice on the level of the financial statements I found for J&J - global or US. These reports will include market intelligence, a five forces analysis, and information on the leading players of the industries.

Next I would go back to the LibGuide and click on ABI/Inform Complete, a leading business database. Just above the search box, click on Advanced Search. On the Advanced Search page, type pharmaceuticals AND healthcare AND americas in the box. Be sure to include the ANDs; they are important to the search. This is as close as we can get to global or to the US. Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the box labeled Document Type, choose Industry Report. Search. These monthly updates don't address every country in the Americas every month, but you will find the most recent write-up on the US in the February issue. Any country where J&J does business could be interesting.

ABI/Inform Complete is also a great place to search for general information on J&J in scholarly and trade publications. Start a new search and search johnson & johnson AND whatever you want to know more about. Use the left side toolbar to limit by date, by company/organization, by source type, and by subject.

Next, go back to the LibGuide and click on eStatement Studies. This database will provide you with FRBs - financial ratio benchmarks - for the industry. Search by NAICS code. J&J covers multiple industries. I suggest you look at 33911 Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing, 32541 Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing, and possibly 424210 Drugs and Druggists' Sundries Merchant Wholesalers, depending on what you learn about J&J's business lines.

Last, visit MorningStar. In the QUOTE search box at the top of the page, search JNJ. This site will provide information on industry peers, key ratios, and financials.

I hope your research is smooth sailing from here on out!

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