How will the waters in Michigan be completely cleared of the large amounts of lead?


I know the government has stepped in to ensure the valves were closed to stop the flow of contamination to the water and the environment. My questions is how will the waters be rid of the lead completely.

Answered By: Linda Kern
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017     Views: 17

To answer the question "What *will* government do?", go to the source - government information. Begin with this Google search: Flint MI water emergency or search Flint MI water clean-up The part of the search limits the results to government web sites. Here you will find a number of relevant sites such as Taking Action on Flint Water from the State of Michigan and the Lead page from the National Institute of Environmental Sciences. The sites will link out to other relevant sources. Flint Drinking Water Response - EPA - US EPA Home site links to the Flint Drinking Water Task Force site, which includes info on the plan to reconnect the Flint system to a new source of drinking water and to optimize corrosion control for the Flint system. This leads to a new search, Flint MI water corrosion control and a new source, Plan for Optimization of Corrosion Control.

Additionally, you may want to search the Environmental Science Collection. I searched Flint MI AND water, limited to 2014-2016, and got several relevant results, including several reports. There were no relevant scholarly articles because scholarly articles don't usually address that *will* be done to address a situation. They generally analyze what actually *was* done. Additionally, this crisis is very recent to be covered in the scholarly literature.

Searching the Environmental Science Collection and Environment Complete for lead AND water AND "pollution prevention", limited to the last 5 years, will give you some idea of what has been done. This search could be changed up to lead AND water supply AND pollution or other, similar searches. Be aware that you'll get some clutter due to "lead" (the heavy metal) and "lead" (as in lead the way).

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