where Can I find PMID: 26866590 full text article free of charge. Please let me know. Dr. Mandawat


A Culture–Brain Link: Negative Age Stereotypes Predict Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers”: Correction to Levy et al. (2016).
No authorship indicated
Psychology and Aging, Vol 31(1), Feb 2016, 88.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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The original article and the correction are available full text in PsycARTICLES. I'm emailing the full text to your Brenau email.The correction is found on the final page of the article itself, but also has it's own DOI, so I'm sending both.

If you want to use the articles for teaching rather than personal research, I suggest that you include the persistent links in your Canvas site.

A culture–brain link: Negative age stereotypes predict Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers

Correction to Levy et al. 2016

One last thought. If you prefer searching PubMed, go to our Databases A-Z list and log in to PubMed there. Logging in will give you access to Brenau's full text coverage of PubMed articles.

Let us know if you need anything more.

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