How to site online public domain IMAGES in APA for a PowerPoint presentation.


Are they cited in the Slide Notes, or on the actual image of the slide?

Answered By: Linda Kern
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The APA Manual is silent about formatting PowerPoints because its purpose is to provide guidelines for scholarly articles.

If the image was in an article, it would be called a "figure". There are lots of kinds of figures - graphs, charts, maps, drawings, and photographs, for example. The reference is part of the figure. It is not listed in the references at the end. Below the image, begin with the number of the figure (number them sequentially throughout the PPT), italicized. Follow the number with a sentence or two describing the image's content. Next comes the retrieval information: From... this is where it gets tricky.

Since the goal is to get the reader to the source, I would treat it like something from a website. Author, A. (date). Title of document [Format description]. Retrieved from http://URL

For example, choosing a random image from Flickr, I would cite it like this, directly under the image:

Figure 1. A still life study of rain, collected around the stem of a pumpkin, featuring crisp, accurate color reproductions. From Rich66~~. (2008, September 13). Pumpkin watering hole [photograph]. Retrieved from

Some details:

  • The date is formatted with the month because social media is more ephemeral. If it's a business's website, just use the year.
  • The [photograph] part is necessary only if it's something out of the ordinary, like a photo, blog, or tweet. If it's a chart or table, just put the period after the title of the image.
  • The URL is the "share" URL, but it could easily be the URL of the website where you found the image.

For citing information other than images, I would follow the guidelines as if I was writing a paper - citations in the text, references listed at the end.

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