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I need additional information for a 10-20pg financial analysis of Piedmont Healthcare.
2. Discussion of the business including: historical development, current status and favorable and unfavorable trends.
3. Financial analysis of the past three years financial statements, including analysis of appropriate ratios.
4. Discussion of alternatives (culminating in a recommendation(s) for resolving or improving identified financial(and possibly management) issues.
5. Ethical considerations of the alternatives identified in #4 above(if appropriate).

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Adding to Professor Boyd's excellent response, I thought additional information on the Foundation might be useful, so I Googled "Piedmont healthcare foundation" and found possible additional info on a Guidestar report. It includes a few years of the foundation's IRS form 990 in the free preview.

Marketline (you've probably been there!) has an industry report on US Healthcare providers that includes industry-wide stressors.

The Articles tab of the Healthcare Management LibGuide has a link to the Modern Healthcare Journal. I searched the journal for "Piedmont healthcare" and found 13 articles including this one:

Barkholz, D. (2016). Hospital consolidation speeds up in Atlanta. Modern Healthcare, 46(1), 0014. The article focuses on the consolidation of hospital systems in Atlanta, Georgia. Topics covered include the estimated percentage increase in population in the metropolitan area, the purchase by WellStar Health System of hospitals from Tenet Healthcare Corp. and the negotiation for the merger of Piedmont Healthcare and Athens Regional Health System. Also mentioned are the factors influencing the quickened pace of consolidation such as new regulations and payment changes.

The guide also has a link to the trade publication Hospitals & Health Networks, but it had nothing relevant.

I searched ABI/Inform Complete for "Piedmont healthcare", looking for scholarly research and for trade publications that would evaluate current events in healthcare with relation to Piedmont. I found 3 scholarly articles from 2013 (all potentially useful), plus several trade articles from the last 5 years, including:

Shevlin, M. (2014). A new prognosis. Best's Review, (12), 57-58. If you haven't seen it before, Best's is a premier insurance publication. Compensation models for medical service providers are beginning to evolve. Fee-for-service, often cited as a driving actor for increased health care utilization and spending, is quickly being replaced with various "at-risk" payment methodologies. One way providers have accepted this kind of risk is through capitation arrangements. Insurers or the government pay providers a fixed amount for each person assigned to them, regardless of how much care is used. Some providers recognize that there are opportunities for higher financial rewards if they are willing to take on more risk than simple capitation rates from insurers. The new health insurance exchanges are also making it more attractive for health systems to move into the new roles. Cincinnati-based Catholic Health Partners is launching a plan on the Ohio Exchange. Piedmont Healthcare and Wellstar Health System, both in Atlanta, have a joint plan offered to the 35,000 employees and dependents for 2014; if successful, they will extend the plan to employers with more than 50 employees, as well as a Medicare Advantage plan for those over age 65.

The ABI/Inform results for company and industry reports were pretty thin.

I also searched Business Source Complete using the advanced search. I searched hospital, and limited to industry reports. I found two reports, Medical & Surgical Hospitals Industry (NAICS 62211) 2016 Capital and expenses report and a United States Medical & Surgical Hospitals 2016 Industry Report. Both may provide useful comparisons and analyses.

The Wall Street Journal had nothing useful.

I searched the Atlanta Journal Constitution, linked further down the LibGuide page in the Newspapers box. Searching “Piedmont healthcare” and limiting to the last 5 years I found:

Miller, A. (2015, Dec 27). HEALTH CARE: Hospitals expanding their reach: Piedmont, other health systems seek new partners outside metro area. The Atlanta Journal – Constitution
Atlanta-based Piedmont Healthcare's move to enter partnership talks with Athens Regional Health System, announced earlier this month, is another sign of hospital consolidation reshaping the health care landscape in Georgia. [...]WellStar Health System, based in Marietta northwest of Atlanta, has moved to add West Georgia Health in LaGrange, and its proposed takeover of Tenet hospitals in Jackson and Griffin shows that large hospital systems are willing to make deals outside of their home territory.
It's another take on the earlier article.

In each case I've mentioned one article, but you should look at the rest also.

Let me know if this is what you're looking for!

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