I am looking for sources to compare and analysis the two different ways Creon is portrayed in Anouilh's and Sophocles version of Antigone


Answered By: Linda Kern
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I suggest you start with the Literature LibGuide at . The LibGuide is a list of the best places to look for information on literature. Depending on what the assignment calls for, you could choose either books or articles. Much of the commentary on old literature is in books, but articles are a good source too.

If you start with articles, search in Academic Search Complete first, using Antigone AND Creon as your search terms. The results include 13 full text articles such as The Wrath of Creon: Withholding Burial in Homer and Sophocles. ProQuest Research Library would also be a good source.

Ebrary Academic Complete has books that may be of use. It's new and not on the LibGuide, so I've linked it here.

We don't have much online, however we have a fair amount of criticism in print. I'll look at the print to see what's relevant, and will email scanned copies to your Brenau email if I find anything.

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