Can you help me find a doi? part II


I'm sorry, I forgot to include the article information. The title is: The Effect of School Principals' Leadership Styles on Teachers' Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction. Authors: Aydin, Ayhan; Sarier, Yilmaz; Uysal, Sengul
Source: Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, v13 n2 p806-811 Spr 2013. 6 pp.
ISSN: 1303-0485

Thank you

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Not all articles have a DOI. The publisher must opt into the system. Although the majors have, some journals are independently published and are not part of the system. Additionally, the system is relatively new, so older articles will not have DOIs unless they have been retrospectively assigned.

I, too, am unable to locate a DOI for this article. When the DOI is not available, the URL of the journal's home page is used in the reference entry instead. I Googled the title of the journal, and it's home page is here: See the DOIs and URLs in a Reference Entry box on the Citing Sources tab of the Advanced Education LibGuide for specifics on formatting the citation.

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