I need to find Articles by " author "A. Jean Ayres" with specific dates: 2 from 1964 to 1972 and 2 from 1973 to 1979. Author needs to be at


I need to find Articles by " author "A. Jean Ayres" with specific dates: 2 from 1964 to 1972 and 2 from 1973 to 1979. Author needs to be at least 1st or second author. I can go off of an abstract if I need to, but I am having trouble locating that as well. I need the articles by Friday 29 January.

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This is a challenge. Much of the older literature hasn't been digitized. For example, AJOT is only digitized back to 1980. Earlier issues are not available online, only in print.

The first task is to find a bibliography of Jean Ayres' publications, to determine where she was publishing during those years. Here are three possibilities for finding a bibliography:

  • You can search OT Search at the Wilma West Library, the most extensive collection of OT literature in the world. Email the OT department or me for the user name and password. Your AOTA membership won't get you in. Search Ayres, AJ and change the dropdown to author. The bibliography is extensive, but it is not full text.
  • You can Google Jean Ayres bibliography. The results include book lists, but it wasn't until I got to the second page that I found this PDF: A. Jean Ayres Baker, Ph.D, OTR 1963 - iBrarian was a project of an IT/IS professor at Roosevelt University; it gathered scholarly docs from the web. Therefore I don't know who compiled the bibliography, but for our purposes, I think it will be OK. I was a little disconcerted that the spelling of her name changed halfway through the bibliography, though.You may want to cross check this list to be sure Ayres is the 1st or 2nd author.
  • You can run an author search in PubMed, Ayres AJ[Author]. The downside of this search is that the results include other authors of the same name.

Then you have to find the articles, because they're not available online. Many are, however, available in the library, as we have print volumes of AJOT back to the 1950's. Some of the coverage is spotty. Here's a list of the AJOT volumes and issues we have. You can cross reference this list with the bibliography to identify the articles you want to obtain.

  • 1964 - Jan-Apr/Sept-Oct
  • 1965 - Jan-Feb
  • 1966 - Jan-Feb/Jul-Oct
  • 1967 - Jan-Feb/Sept-Oct
  • 1968 - all issues
  • 1969 - all except Sept-Oct
  • 1970 - Apr-Dec
  • 1971 - Oct-Dec
  • 1972 - Mar-Dec
  • 1973 - Jan-Apr/Oct-Dec
  • 1974 - all issues
  • 1975 - Jan/Mar-Jul
  • 1976 - Jan-Feb/Apr/Jul-Dec
  • 1977 - all issues
  • 1978 - all except Feb
  • 1979 - All except Jan

Ayres also published in other journals such as the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, but our print collection doesn't go back that far.

***addition: We've continued checking her sources, and we have also print copies the Journal of Learning Disabilities dating back to 1968. These, too, can be requested, scanned, and emailed.***

Once you've identified the articles you want, request them from the library using our Information Delivery Request form. We'll pull the article, scan it, and email it to you within a couple of days.

If you absolutely must have an article that's not in our print collection, fill out the form anyway. We can request it from the Wilma West Library. Be aware, though, that we can't guarantee you will have a Wilma West article by your deadline.

Interesting challenge!

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