Hello, can you give me information on public assistance and advice to move off the programs


Answered By: Linda Kern
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This is a very complex question.

First, the easy part. Information on public assistance programs can be found on the Health and Human Services web site on the social services page. Georgia information is available on the Department of Human Services' Public Assistance page. I located these by Googling "social services".

Next, I went to books for a description of the situation and solutions for people reentering the workforce. Link to eBrary, one of our eBook collections. You'll be asked to log in with your 6 digit ID and user name, which is the first part of your email address, before the @ symbol. Here, the best search term to describe public assistance is is "public welfare". Use the quotation marks; they will create a phrase search and limit some of the clutter in your results. Combine "public welfare" with other terms, such as employment. I searched "public welfare" AND employment and found several promising books, all full text. Among the results was Welfare and Work : Experiences in Six Cities, with a chapter titled "The Determinants of Welfare Exits and Employment". The book Communities and Workforce Development brings a different perspective. 

If you need more, try the same search in the eBook Collection. Among the results are Living on the Edge in Suburbia : From Welfare to Workfare and Leaving Welfare : Employment and Well-being of Families That Left Welfare in the Post-entitlement Era.

I also looked for articles, but was not able to find anything specifically related to the the topic in the scholarly or trade literature. If you have to have articles for the assignment, click the link below, let me know that, and I'l search some more.

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