Can a single parent raise successful and educatEd children?


Can children of single parents get a college education

Answered By: Linda Kern
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This is an interesting topic! I suggest you begin with the Education LibGuide, which is a collection of links to the best places to look for information for your paper. Once you're there, click on the Articles tab. For your research, I recommend Research Library and Academic Search Complete, two great sources.

Scroll down to the link to Research Library. You'll be asked to put in your 6 digit student ID number and the first part of your email, for example asmith6. You can run several searches that will provide good articles. For each search, I limited the results to the last 10 years.

  • "single parent" AND college - paste this search exactly as it's written. The quotation marks and the "AND" will provide more relevant results. Among the results is Children raised in single-parent homes are less likely to complete college. The article is right on topic, but this is actually just a report *about* the study, not the study itself. That was disappointing, so I tracked down the study for you: One-Parent Students Leave School Earlier. It's from a peer reviewed journal, and suitable for your paper.
  • "single parent" AND education - This search yielded Single-parent households and children's educational achievement: A state-level analysis, among other articles. 
  • "family structure" AND "socioeconomic status" - This search looks more at the "success" side of your question, but defines success in terms of socioeconomic status. However it yields articles about SES and educational achievement, such as Family structure and children's socioeconomic attainment: A Canadian sample. Even though this is a Canadian population, the countries are so similar that the article may be useful.

If you don't have what you need after searching Research Library, go back to the Libguide and choose another database, Academic Search Complete. The same searches will work in this database too. For example, searching 

  • "single parent" AND college yielded The influence of family attributes on college students' academic self-concept.

Academic self-concept is positively correlated with academic achievement, so the article will likely speak to positive influences on raising an educated child regardless of marital status.

It sould be a great paper!

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