how does texting affect teenage literacy?


I am looking for at least six scholarly references that will help me with writing a paper about how texting affects teenage literacy. Would like links to both websites and books.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Generally when professors require "scholarly references" the are looking for journal articles, although books can be scholarly too. Web sites (as opposed to journal articles posted on web sites) are not scholarly, but may still be reliable.

For books, I suggest you search ebrary Academic Complete. It's a database of full text online books. I searched text messaging and literacy and found a number of relevant results, including Transforming Literacies and Language : Multimodality and Literacy in the New Media Age. Chapter 12 is titled Wot did he say or could u not c him 4 dust?: Written and Spoken Creativity in Text Messaging. Also of interest might be Chasing Literacy : Reading and Writing in an Age of Acceleration.

For articles, start with the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. All of the results will be from scholarly journals. Search DE "text messages (telephone systems)" AND literacy. The DE and quotation marks are important, so you may want to past the search terms. Again, there are a number of good results, including Exploring the longitudinal relationships between the use of grammar in text messaging and performance on grammatical tasks, and this article, College students' text messaging, use of textese and literacy skills.

Next, link to ProQuest Research Library. Here I searched texting and literacy. You will want to limit your results to scholarly journals. Here I found The Effects of Text Messaging and Instant Messaging on Literacy and Undergraduates' text messaging language and literacy skills.

If you still don't have what you want, check out Academic Search Complete. Here I limited the results to the last 10 years and scholarly journals. I found Txt lang: Texting, textism use and literacy abilities in adolescents with and without specific language impairment and Texting, textese and literacy abilities: a naturalistic study.

This is going to be a really interesting paper!

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