How can I find information on Data processing and outsourcing industry


Answered By: Linda Kern
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My choice for starting this research is in the Business LibGuide.
Click on the Articles tab of the LibGuide and click on Marketline. On the search page, point to Industries, and click on Technology and Services. When the results load, use the right-side toolbar to click on IT Services. When the results load, click on United States - IT Services. It is a bit broader than just data processing and outsourcing, but includes those services.The report includes a five forces analysis and market outlook report.
Next check eStatements for more information on the industry. Go to the Articles tab of the LibGuide and select eStatements. Paste the NAICS number for data processing, hosting, and related services, 518210, into the right-side search box. When the results load, you'll see a column of statistics. The first is labeled FRB Assets. FRB = financial ratio benchmarks. These are benchmarks for the industry as a whole. The best ones for your purpose, like current and quick ratios, will be down toward the bottom.
Last, choose the Web Sites tab, and scroll down to the Finance and Investing box. Click Morningstar to get a lot of relevant information (ratios, etc.) on your company, and some info on your industry. Type the company name into the search box at the top center of the page, When the results load, click on the name (right above the "last price") to get to the good stuff. The default page is stock and company information. In addition to this info, look at the tabs across the page: Quote, Chart, Stock Analysis, Performance, Key Ratios, Financials, Valuation, Insiders, Ownership, Transcripts, Filings, Bonds, Overview, Company profile, Industry Peers. Some info is proprietary, but don't pay for anything. Just look at the free info. Among the most relevant information are the key ratios and the industry peers. At the bottom of the peers are industry averages.

Good luck with your research!

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