how the organization of the Intenet affects the ability to "police" the Internet


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This is a really tough question! I'm not exactly clear on your topic. I'm interpreting "police" the internet as regulation, governance, or law. By organization, do you mean the multinational, crossing all borders nature of the web? That's the way I structured my searches. If I missed the point, click the reply link and give me more to go on.

For this search, I need to direct you to a series of databases. The first is eBrary, a database of eBooks, because these problems are often addressed in books. Search internet governance. Beware of the dates - you will probably want to stick to the last 5 years. Among the results you will see Information Revolution and Global Politics : Networks and States : The Global Politics of Internet Governance and Consent of the Networked : The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom.  

For articles, search Academic Search Complete. Paste this entire search: ZE "internet -- law & legislation" AND international. The ZE and quotes are all important. Limit to the last 5 years. Here you'll find articles such as When Structures Become Shackles: Stagnation and Dynamics in International Lawmaking.

You may also want to search ProQuest Computing or Computer Source. Try internet governance, limited to the last 5 years. Another search that will provide a few results is internet regulation AND globalization.

I hope this helps!

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