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I am doing discussion post that is asking me the factors that influence the rate of growth in the volume of world trade. I need assistance on how to choose the right keywords to get the right articles.

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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This is a deceptively difficult topic that you must address!  If I were you I would go about this two ways.  First, I would go to your textbook and look for theories of international trade.  What causes nations to trade and what economic conditions will increase trade?  I suspect that you will find that trade finance, economic development, labor markets, trade agreements such as NAFTA, currency strength, and regulatory frameworks will all have impacts on growth rate and world trade.  After you have determined what factors you think impact world trade then I would search those terms using them as keywords.  Examples include "International Trade" AND Finance or "International Trade" ANd Labor.

I think that ABI/Inform will be the best database for you to use for finding outside resources for this discussion question.  Go to the business libguide at  Choose the Business- Articles tab and then choose the first database.  Start with a very simple search such as "International Trade" and Causes.  Then read some background articles on international trade to arrive at some causes for growth rate.  I found a great article on financing and international trade titled  "The Role of Financing in International Trade during Good Times and Bad" which should get you started.

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