I am looking for books that explains methods of communication


Communication development

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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We can certainly help you with that.  First, go to the library catalog by navigating to  Type the words Communication AND Methods into the search bar.  If you are off campus you will be asked to sign in using your six digit student ID and the first part of your student email address - everything before the @tiger.  

You should see a list of books that the library has on communication.  You can narrow your search by adding additional terms such as Communication AND Methods AND Education.  If you find a book that you are interested in click on the title of the book to see the call number and bring this number to the library.  If you are not near to the Gainesville campus then click on this link:

and we will be happy to mail the item to you.  

If you would prefer to look at e-books you can do that today.  We have some e-books listed on the library catalog result page.  You can also look for by going to the education libguide at and clicking on the books tab.  Then click on e-books on ebsco host.  Enter the same search terms as I have listed above.  You should see a list of available e-books.  Click on the title of the book to see the record.  From here you can click on pdf full text to see the whole book and use either the table of contents or the arrows under the book pages to navigate through the book.

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