where can i find scholarly info on credit and credit cards?


History of, maintaining, reporting agencies, types of credit cards.

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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Start by going into the business libguide @  Next click on the articles tab.  This will give you a list of databases that we think will be the best for you to use when searching business topics.  Choose the first database, ABI/Inform Complete by Proquest.  You will be asked to login using your six digit student ID and the first part of your Brenau email address - everything before the @tiger.brenau.  

Next, limit your results by clicking on the full-text box below the search bar.  Enter your search terms into the search bar.  I used Credit Cards AND History.  I got some great results here.  In particular, look at results number 4 and 15 titled, The History of Credit Cards and Plastic Cash: A History of Money and Credit in America.

Next, go back to the business libguide.  Click on the books tab.  Enter the search terms Maintaing Good Credit into the library catalog's search widget at the top of this page.  I found a great article about maintaining good credit here.  It is the fourth result on the page.  Click on the title of the article and then view full text to see the article.

Next, for information on credit agencies, I would go to the web.  Google this:

site:gov credit reporting agencies

This will limit your google results to only governmental websites which contain information about the major credit reporting agencies.  While websites are not considered to be scholarly, some are more reliable than others and governmental websites tend to be more reliable than most.

We hope this helps and thanks for asking a librarian!

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