I can't log into the LibGuides. It says my ID/username is not found.


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Our LibGuides are not password protected, but our databases are.  

So it would help to know which LibGuide you were on--or whether you were unable to reach a LibGuide at all.  If you were in a LibGuide, clicked a link that directed you to a login page, and were unable to log in, try consulting these possible solutions:

Why can't I log in to the library database?

I still can't log into the article or database I need to access! I'm using my Brenau email username and 6-digit ID! 

If you are unable to access the login page, try this possible solution:

I am having trouble accessing the login page. How can I log in if I can't reach the page?
If none of these solutions address your problem, please contact the library.  Include the url of the LibGuide and the link you were trying to click.  For example, you may indicate that you were on the Education LibGuide ( and tried to click the link to Academic Search Complete found under the "Articles" tab.

You may contact the library at:

(770) 534-6113 or
(800) 252-5119, x6113

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