Im writing a paper in APA style, but there isn't an author's name from my source. How would I cite it in my writing?


For example, if I have a source with an author's name, the authors name would be in parenthesis along with the published date of the source, at the end of the article.

EX: "The Equal Employment Act says.... (Burnot, 2012).

The thing is, there is not an author's name from the source I found. Can you help me with this?

(I'm sorry if my explanation doesn't make sense. I hope you at least understand a little bit of it! :)

Thank you for your help,

Anna H.

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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So, tell us a little about this source.  Is it a website?  Is it a governmental organization like the CDC?  This information will help us to answer your question correctly.  Also, just to be clear, you are asking about how to do an in-text citation for your source, correct?

Also, here is a helpful chart that explains what you should do if you want to cite something you found on a website where there is no identifiable author:

Generally, you would just put the title of the document/website in the place where the author's name usually goes.

If however, what you are looking at is a document written by a governmental agency, then the agency name goes in the spot where the author's name usually goes.

We hope this helps and if you need further clarification, let us know what the source is that you are using and we'll be back in touch.

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