where will i find articles on falls among seniors in long-term care facilities in US ?


I am writing a paper on how to prevent falls/hip fracture among nursing home seniors in US.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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I would start the search with the Advanced Nursing LibGuide. Click on the Evidence Based Practice tab, then scroll down to the section labeled "Additional Databases". Click on Social Science Journals by ProQuest. Search "fall prevention". Include the quotation marks to focus the results. When the results load, use the right side toolbar to limit your date range. I chose the last 10 years, but you will still get articles if you limit to the last 5 years. You can further limit the results by clicking on "Subject" in the right toolbar, then "more options". Select the most relevant choices by clicking the boxes. I selected just nursing homes to start with. This left me with 19 articles, some full text and some not, some scholarly, some trade articles. The second article looks very interesting:

Rapp, K., Lamb, S. E., Erhardt-Beer, L., Lindemann, U., Rissmann, U., Klenk, J., & Becker, C. (2010). Effect of a statewide fall prevention program on incidence of femoral fractures in residents of long-term care facilities. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 58(1), 70-75. doi:10.1111/j.1532-5415.2009.02630.x

It's not full text in this database, but if you click the "Find Article" link under the description, then click "Find It in GALILEO" then "Academic Search Complete", it will lead you to the full text.

To expand your search, on the results list where you first saw the article, your will see "Cited by (7)" and "References (23)". Clicking "Cited by" will take you to more recent articles that cited this one. Clicking "References" will take you to the article's reference list.

Other articles in the results are full text in this database. If you don't have enough results, expand the search by going back to "Subject" in the right toolbar, then "more options". Choose additional options such as "Aged", "Older people", and "Prevention programs".

If you still don't have enough, head back to the LibGuide and the Evidence Based Practice tab. You will find additional articles by searching MedLine or CINAHL Plus with full text. You can use a similar search, "fall prevention" AND "nursing home".

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