I need articles regarding core measures and reimbursement.


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The traditional medical journals don't have a whole lot of information on the business side of healthcare. I did find one article in Medline:

Wright, A., Feblowitz, J., Samal, L., McCoy, A. B., & Sittig, D. F. (2014). The Medicare Electronic Health Record Incentive Program: Provider performance on core and menu measures. Health Services Research, 49(1 Pt 2), 325-346. doi:10.1111/1475-6773.12134.

To find it, link to Medline. Then search core measures and reimbursement.

You will find more results in ABI/Inform Complete, a business database. The same search, core measures and reimbursement works there too.  You didn't mention the kind of articles needed or the date range you want. After the results loaded I used the right side toolbar to limit to the last 5 years. This left me with 3 scholarly articles which weren't really helpful and 10 from trade journals; a few of these look pretty good. You can use the right side toolbar to pull these out of the results. Included are

Kumar, S., M.D. (2011). Rethinking reimbursement. Trustee, 64(1), 34-5.


STAT: News at deadline. (2012). AHA News, 48(17), 1. Retrieved from

If you still need more articles, go back to Medline and search MM "Reimbursement, Incentive" and medicare. The MM and quotes are important to the search; be sure to include them. It's a broader search, but you can pull out some relevant articles. You can use the date range and the subject major heading in the left side toolbar to limit your results. The articles will be more related to quality of care issues.

Let us know if you need more help!

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