Is there another way to add a book title to Zotero, other than typing all the book's info in?


Answered By: Linda Kern
Last Updated: Feb 05, 2017     Views: 8

Absolutely! That's is my last resort when entering any type of item to Zotero. See the attached short video from the Zotero LibGuide. It illustrates the easiest way to add articles as you do research.

There's also an easy way to get PDFs that you've previously collected into Zotero. With Zotero open in the Firefox browser, you can drag and drop the unopened PDF file from your desktop or documents into the center Zotero pane. Now you've got the PDF, but not the reference information. The reference information may be embeddedin the PDF, which saves you from having to type it. Right click on the PDF and select Retrieve Metadata for PDF. Zotero will walk you through a very quick download the first time you do this, but only once. Then right click on the PDF, click Retrieve Metadata for PDF, and if metadata is embedded in the PDF it will populate the reference information for the item. This will also work in Zotero Standalone.

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