Where can I find an article on both versions of Antigone


Answered By: Linda Kern
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There are many versions of Antigone, from the play by Sophocles to operas and even a comic book. To find the specific versions you want to compare, I suggest you start with the Literature LibGuide at . The LibGuide is a list of the best places to look for information on literature. Depending on what the assignment calls for, you could choose either books or articles. Much of the commentary on old literature is in books, but articles are a good source too.

If you start with articles, search in Humanities International Complete or Academic Search Complete first. Humanities International has 470 articles on Antigone. You could narrow the results by searching version of Antigone or by including the authors you are seeking. You may not find a single article on the two versions you seek; you may have to find an article on each and do the compare and contrast yourself.

If you search for books by using the search box on the Books tab of the Literature LibGuide, you'll find a lot of full text books (and articles too). For example, A Commentary on the Plays of Sophocles might be useful, and it's full text. This video on Finding and Using eBooks will help you search eBooks if you need it.

Last, if you don't find what you need online, we have a fair amount of print information on Antigone. If you're not in the Gainesville area (where the library is) click the reply link below and let us know which versions you are comparing and what elements you're writing about (literary devices, plot, characterizations?), and we'll send you the best of what we have via email. If you're in Gainesville, come in and we'll be glad to help in person.

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