I need an article about the motivations of women who make false accusations of rape.


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The best searches for this topic seem to be rape AND false allegation or rape AND false report. The difficulty is finding articles that deal with motivation. I checked several databases, and the most promising - with articles that you may not have found yet - is ProQuest Social Science Journals. To get there, link to our Databases A-Z list and scroll down to S in the alphabetical listing. Click on Social Science Journals By ProQuest.

I searched rape AND false report. Using the right side toolbar, I limited to the last 10 years. Using the right side toolbar I also clicked Source Type and limited to scholarly journals. You could also limit to trade publications. Among the remaining 10 results, the best seems to be O'Neal, E. N., Spohn, C., Tellis, K., & White, C. (2014). The truth behind the lies: The complex motivations for false allegations of sexual assault. Women & Criminal Justice, 24(4), 324-340. doi: . Unfortunately, the article is not available in full text. We could get it for you, but not before the paper is due. However, if you can use the abstract, it discusses 5 categories of motivations for false allegations.

Beyond that, I suggest you check our catalog at Searching rape AND false report AND motivation turned up Turvey, B. E., & McGrath, M. (2011). False allegations of sexual assault. In J. O. Savino And B. E. Turvey (Eds.). Rape Investigation Handbook (pp. 269-292). doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-386029-3.00011-5 Although we don't have the book, clicking on the title will take you to an extensive summary of the chapter, which discusses a variety of motivations for false reporting. The chapter is written by a forensic psychiatrist and a forensic psychologist.

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