I am having trouble finding one for the outdoor recreation industry.


I was looking at the answer for how to find an industry analysis. I found it helpful but I am having trouble finding one for the outdoor recreation industry. I'm not sure if my search terms are incorrect or what I am doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time,

Answered By: Linda Kern
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The news is not good.

I began by searching the NAICS web site, using the keyword recreation. This led to several categories, including recreational goods, vehicles, sports clubs, and (the most promising) a category embracing various outdoor sports such as white water rafting and trail riding. I linked to this category - 713990 All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries - for further information and found that this "industry comprises establishments (except amusement parks and arcades; gambling industries; golf courses and country clubs; skiing facilities; marinas; fitness and recreational sports centers; and bowling centers) primarily engaged in providing recreational and amusement services."

Illustrative Examples:

713990  White water rafting, recreational
713990  Trapshooting facilities, recreational
713990  Snowmobiling, recreational
713990  Sea kayaking, recreational
713990  Rowing clubs, recreational
713990  River rafting, recreational
713990  Rifle clubs, recreational
713990  Riding clubs, recreational
713990  Para sailing, recreational
713990  Mountain hiking, recreational
713990  Kayaking, recreational
713990  Hunting clubs, recreational
713990  Horseback riding, recreational
713990  Gun clubs, recreational
713990  Flying clubs, recreational
713990  Canoeing, recreational
713990  Fishing clubs, recreational

From there I started looking for the industry analysis. I went to the Business LibGuide and began with the databases listed under the Articles tab. I searched MarkerLine Advantage, ABI/Inform, and Business source Complete using the NAICS code and multiple variations of the industry name. I also searched by keywords such as outdoor AND recreation. I found no results. I also searched the relevant web sites on the guide. Then I went to the Finance LibGuide and checked the web sites there. I also tried the Outdoor Industry Association web site. The information is available, but for a (rather large) fee. Last, I Googled.

I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to find even one relevant industry analysis. Often financial information is difficult to find when the industry is relatively small or businesses are privately held. Perhaps that's the case here.

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