I need to write a review of a research study that consist of strategies to increase or improve written language.


I need an article that includes a study and the results of the study. I have found one article but am having a difficult time finding a second one. The first one is, "Improving written language performance of adolescents with Asperger Syndrome." Also, the journal or article must be from 2007 to 2014. Thank you so much for your efforts to help me!

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Thanks for the details - they're very helpful.

Using the Advanced Education LibGuide, I suggest searching a few databases to come up with a variety of articles. 

The first search listed here was actually the last database I searched, almost on a whim to see that was there. Since the population in the 1st article you found has Asperger syndrome, I searched the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection using the terms "written communication" AND improvement AND research; I limited the search to the required dates. There were only 6 results but this caught my eye:

Hooper, S. W. (2006). Aptitude–treatment interactions revisited: Effect of metacognitive intervention on subtypes of written expression in elementary school students. Developmental Neuropsychology, 29(1), 217-241. doi:10.1207/s15326942dn2901_11

The first database I searched was Academic Search Complete, because it has broad coverage of Education. Paste in the search terms DE "COMPOSITION (Language arts) -- Study & teaching" AND research. The DE and quotes are important to the search. I limited the search to scholarly journals and the date range. Among the results was:

Paquette, K. R., Byrd, C. M., & Dragich, D. (2013). An investigation of implementing Drop Everything and Write (DEW) in early childhood/elementary classrooms. Education, 133(3), 356-369. Retrieved from

Another search would be ZE "written communication" AND strategies AND research. The ZE and quotes are important to the search. I limited the search to scholarly journals and the date range. Among the 41 results was this:

VanNess, A. R., Murnen, T. J., & Bertelsen, C. D. (2013). Let me tell you a secret: Kindergartners can write! Reading Teacher, 66(7), 574-585. doi:10.1002/TRTR.1162

I would also search ScienceDirect using the terms "written communication" AND improvement AND research. I changed the terms because the keyword improvement yields more results in this database than strategies. Using the left side toolbar, I selected the topics writing, child, and teacher.

Among the results was:

Parr, J. M. & Timperley, H. S. (2010). Feedback to writing, assessment for teaching and learning and student progress. Assessing Writing, (15)2, 68-85. doi:10.1016/j.asw.2010.05.004

These search terms will yield a good set of results across the databases for you to choose from.

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