What's the difference between Publisher of a book and place of publication when citing a book source?


I am doing the Info. Literacy Assignment every AS 100 class has to do, and I have to find 5 sources, two primary, two secondary. On the assignment, it asked for the "Publisher" & "Place of Publication." I want to know what the difference between those two is.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Thanks for the detailed information in your question; it's very helpful. The publisher will be the company's name. The place of publication will be the city where the publishing company is located. For example, Jimmy Carter's book, A Call to Action, lists both at the bottom of the 3rd page (the cover page). The publisher is Simon & Schuster. The place of publication is listed as New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, and New Delhi. The guideline is to choose the closest location (in this case New York) and list only that.

Thanks for asking a librarian!

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