How do you cite a passage that was cited by someone else?


The article is by Annie Joosten, but she uses a quote. For example --ethical guidance for employees (Brown et al., 2005). Do I use Brown's name when I quote this passage or Joosten or both. Can you help? I am using APA format.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Good question! APA addresses this on p. 178 of the Manual, under Secondary Sources. You cite the article you have in hand.

If you are reading an article written by Joosten, and in the article Joosten cites the work of Brown et al., the correct format for the in-text citation is: Brown et al. (as cited in Joosten, 20XX) found that 99.3% of children surveyed prefer snow days to school days.

Note that you don't need the date for the Brown et al., just for Joosten.

The reference entry would be for Joosten. Brown et al. is not mentioned in the reference list.

This was a fast answer. Your other question is taking more time. I'm working on it and I'll have a response to that one by the end of the day.

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