citing multiple studies in one quote-I have a great quote-but the info is referred to multiple studies-how do i cite this in apa?


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Good afternoon!

First, is a really a quote? Are you using the exact words from the source? If so, that means including the page number in the citation.

When the source you are reading refers to sources you haven't read yourself, the sources you haven't read are called secondary sources. Instructions for citing these are found in the APA manual on p. 176.

For example,

  • if the studies you haven't read are Greene's research, Smith and Jones's research, and Harrell's research,
  • and the information you are reading is Boyd's paper or book
  • and you are quoting directly rather than putting it in your own words

It would look like this:

"Greene, Harrell, and Smith and Jones (as cited in Boyd, 2013, p. XX) found..."

If Boyd used a parenthetical citation - ...blah, blah, blah (Greene, 2010; Harrell, 2012; & Smith and Jones, 2009). - then it would probably not be possible to cite it properly as a quote. It would seem that you would have to put it in your own words, which isn't a bad thing because APA uses quotes very rarely, if at all. In APA the ideas are usually more important than the author's exact wording.

It would look like this:

According to Greene, Harrell, and Smith and Jones (as cited in Boyd, 2013) ...

If you still have questions, please paste the quote into a reply and I'll take another look at it.

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