I need quality resources to write a paper about computer operating systems and computer applications software


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It was nice talking with you today. I am all about using the Library resources for papers, but in this case we don't have much that is relevant. We only teach the one computer course, so there's not a lot of demand for materials, and the materials we do have are advanced theory books.

Instead, I Googled, but I used a specially formatted search:

operating systems vs applications

The part limits the results to educational institutions. (I did run a regular Google search first, but the results were either not relevant or were written by people whose expertise I couldn't verify -, etc. Then I decided that, if I wanted experts, I should limit to .edu web sites, which would include college professors.) You can paste this search into Google.

Among the first results were this:

CISB 11 Chapter 5 Lesson
Mt. San Antonio College
Here we discuss what operating systems do and explore the most widely used operating systems today. Then we cover utility programs, or utilities. Utilities ...

and this

Operating Systems
University of Rhode Island
Are we talking about applications software such as word processing or spreadsheet ... An operating system is a set of programs that lies between applications ...

These are faculty web sites, where faculty teaching intro computer courses have posted information and lecture notes. They provide quality information at the right academic level!

While I want you to try the search, you should know that I played around with the web addresses to get to their main pages. I did this by backing out the last part of the URL until I got to something usable. For example, on the first one above - CISB 11 Chapter 5 Lesson -  I took out the "/LectureMain.htm" part at the end, and kept taking out pieces after the slashes until I got it down to . This is the professor's home page. Then I clicked on the course site and then the Chapter Handouts, which took me to

That's where the relevant information is.

I used the same process on the second result - Operating Systems to find

More relevant information!

I also went to my favorite online subject encyclopedia that covers computers, Webopedia at . Searching the site for

systems software

gave me a good brief explanation and links to operating system and applications software.

These sources, plus other results you'll find when searching Google for

operating systems vs applications

should provide the information you need for the paper.

Good luck with the project!

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