I am attempting to write a research paper on the pros/cons of employing women in the workplace. Could you please help me find some scholarly sources?


Answered By: Amanda Roper
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I think you might want to begin by rephrasing your research question. When looking for academic sources it is important to remember that most reputable and scholarly sources won't have overt and unwarranted sexism. For example, you will probably not find a reputable source that claims "women shouldn't be employed".

Instead, scholars are more likely to address issues that typically impact women when addressing "cons" of employing women (for example maternity leave or the need for flex time). Or, depending on the business, it could be that the business is male dominated and sexism actually creates a hostile work environment. When searching for "pros" you may find that you are looking more at how women communicate or organize their time.

I would recommend trying out Business Ethics LibGuide found here. Next, click the articles tab and select Academic Search Complete from the list of databases. Log in using your student ID number and the beginning of your email.

Try searching, with the phrase "women in the workplace" (with no quotation marks). You'll see that yields several thousand results! Look on the left hand side of you screen and select "full text" and adjust the publication date to 2010 to 2014. Now you'll see that you have about 417 results. That's still a lot!

I would recommend you scroll through the titles of the articles for a bit (maybe the first 30 or so). You'll start to notice that most of these article address the same issues with women in the workplace. My recommendation would be to take one of those issues and write on that one issue a bit more extensively. That issue may even contain both "pros" and "cons." At the very least, look at some of the terminology in the article titles and use that to further search.

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