help finding a scholarly website on dance


research on dance as an art form or a sport

Answered By: Linda Kern
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The assignment you are working on has confused "scholarly" and "reliable" in the wording. Professor Satcher is aware and understands that you should be looking for a reliable/credible web site, not a scholarly one. Scholarly and reliable are two different ideas. A reliable source may not be scholarly. A source that is scholarly will be reliable.

A source can be evaluated for its reliability using our sources at or .

Scholarly sources are (as you know from our video at !) evaluated based on the credentials of the author, the intended audience, the level of vocabulary used, the amount of background knowledge needed to understand the content, and the presence of references. Therefore a scholarly web site would be written by PhDs, Masters, or other researchers for PhDs, Masters, or other researchers, using a college level vocabulary. It would require an advanced understanding of the subject to comprehend the information, and it would include references.

I'm not aware of any web search engine that filters for scholarly content. Even Google Scholar, , which indexes scholarly information, focuses on scholarly articles, not web sites.

Given the extreme rarity of scholarly sites, I suggest you search for scholarly books and journal articles (there are plenty on your topic) and  search for a reliable/credible web site. It is highly unlikely that your target - a scholarly web site on dance - exists.

To find these sites for dance, start your search at the Dance LibGuide. Yes, there's a LibGuide for that too! The web sites tab lists a number of web sites that meet your criteria. These will most likely address dance as art rather than sport. To explore dance as sport, I suggest you search one of the databases listed on the Guide under Articles. If dance AND sport doesn't work, try dance AND kinesiology. That will bring up articles on the physicality of dance. If you can't find quality articles discussing dance as sport, you could use the articles to describe the physical demands of dance and then make the comparison yourself.

I enjoyed visiting you class! Let us know if you need anything more.


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