What is the fastest way to find the articles referenced at the end of a secondary source?


I read an article called "From the Green Mile to the Yellow Brick Road: Using a Practical Model to Fill in the Social Studies Content Gaps. This article referenced several articles when presenting information. I would like to find the original studies for my research.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Excellent question, and easy peasy! This is an important strategy for expanding your sources. Kudos for using it.

Each of the LibGuides has a search box for the Library's catalog. In the Advanced Education LibGuide, the search box is near the bottom of the General Education page, in the box labeled Trustee Library Catalog. Paste in the main title of the article you want to find into the search box and search. If the article is available to us in full text, a "View Now" link will follow the description of the article. Click through to the full text.

For example, suppose you want to track down this article, which is one of the references cited in From the Green Mile to the Yellow Brick Road:

Vontz, T., J. Fraenke, B. Burenheide, and L. Bietau. 2007. Building bridges in social studies education: Professional development school partnerships. The Journal of Educational Research 100: 254–262.

Paste Building bridges in social studies education into the search box. Scrolling down the results, you will see the article listed near the bottom of the page (it's not always the first result) with a "View Now" link. Click through to the article.

If the article is listed but there is no "View Now" link, or if it's not listed at all, click back to the General Education page of the LibGuide and scroll down the right side of the page until you see the box "Requesting Articles Not Available Online or at the Trustee Library". Click through to the form and request the article from Information Delivery. We will be glad to locate it for you and email the full text if it's available.

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