i am looking for a credible or reputable website on the topic: benefits of hiring a personal accountant


Answered By: Linda Kern
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016     Views: 32

Oh my goodness! This is a lot harder than it looks. There's a tremendous amount of clutter in the search results.

So here's what I suggest. First, evaluate reliability and credibility based on the information in this video:  After much searching I tries Google and searched "personal accountant" . The quotation marks help focus the results to mostly sites with those words in that order. The limits the results to just organizations, which may be more credible because there is less bias.

Next, think outside of the box. You may not find a site that tells you why to hire a personal accountant. But how about a site that tells who what they do, or what their qualifications are? I found Find a CPA - Georgia Society of CPAs among the results on the first page. The Georgia Society of CPAs  meets the criteria for a credible web site. The page describes the value of a CPA and how to choose a CPA. Useful information when describing the benefits of a personal accountant.

Good luck with your paper!

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